Played by:

Jerry Nelson

This page is about the monster. For other uses: see Frazzle (disambiguation).

Frazzle is a growling monster on Sesame Street. His deceptively fierce visage hides a child-like personality and a desperate need to be included. Though he can be intimidating to others, Frazzle has emotions like the rest of us do, as expressed in his eponymous song, "Frazzle." However, since his snarls and roars sound identical, regardless of his mood, the song required skilled interpreters, in the form of the Frazzletones.

There are two known occasions where Frazzle spoke coherently. In Julie on Sesame Street, an Anything Muppet woman transforms into a monster as she sings "I Feel Pretty". Once transformed, her husband, Frazzle, knocks on her door and calls, "Hiya, honey!" as the two embrace each other.

The second occurrence is a 1993 episode. In that episode, he brought his pet human Pickles to the Furry Arms Hotel. When they were refused a room, Frazzle complained, "Well, it's just not fair! What am I supposed to do, leave little Pickles at home when I'm travelling on business? Come, Pickles, we'll go to another hotel!" However, while the puppet was identical, Frazzle was performed in the episode by Martin P. Robinson instead of Jerry Nelson, and might be considered a case of Same Puppet, Different Character.

In his earliest appearances, Frazzle was made from a Pumpkin Anything Muppet covered with a fur exterior to turn him into a monster. In 2001, Frazzle was finally re-built as a unique puppet.